Anonymous: Hi, I'm kind of curious, what does your boyfriend think about your cutesy - gyaru style? (Does he like it? Does not really mind it? etc?) It's just that a lot of the time in America and Europe, most people prefer something more stylish / sophisticated or even sexier and I've come to realize that sometimes this style tends to turn people "off" or "away". I love this style so I'm not hating at all ^-^" I'm just curious how someone close to you reacts to a "non-western" style. Sorry this is long!

Hm well he’s right here so I just asked him haha!
He said he likes it because where we live it’s pretty unique and also he thinks it suits me. n_n
However when I met him I did not dress like this at all, when we first met I was a bit of an emo kid, only wearing black. xD~
It all started one day when I told him “Hey I found this really cute brand called Liz Lisa..” hahaha :D

Anonymous: what is your opinion on taxidermy?

I’m fine with it as long as the animal died of natural causes.
I don’t support the killing of any animals~

Super cute trunk case from Japan I ordered before I knew my be had got me the iphone6 instead v.v
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basically i dont care if you drink smoke or do drugs as long as you can hold a conversation about something besides the fact that you drink smoke or do drugs

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My makeup turned out lame today, don’t you hate when that happens? Bleh #peachmilky #peachmilkytea #blond #circlelenses

Anonymous: Do you play League of Legeds? :3

I don’t! v_v
I did give it a go once but I didn’t really get into it. x_x