Anonymous: I'd like to have a nose job because I feel like my nose is too big for my face; however, I'm afraid. How bruised are you? Any idea how long your recovery will take? Sorry if you've been asked this before.

Not very much! The bruising only appeared yesterday (3 days after surgery) and they are just the yellow ones, I didn’t get any black/purple/blue bruises. Everyone is different though! No idea, most of the swelling should be gone by 3 months but the final result can take anywhere from 6months-1year.

Anonymous: Why did you choose to have it done in Scotland?

I couldn’t find any surgeons in N.Ireland, and I was not happy with the idea of going to Transform or Harley Medical group. They send you to England to get it done anyway.. >~<


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Anonymous: No wonder you haven't made any new YouTube videos lol! I can't wait to see your new nose. How long will your recovery take? I'm so happy for you, btw!

hahahaha i know right?! Most of the swelling goes away by 3 months, but it takes 1 year to see the final results. T_T
Thank you!

my-randomshit: Well you still look beatiful

T-thank you so much~ *///* <3

Anonymous: I really want a nose job, and I have a small bump on my nose as well,, was the procedure okay? And where did you go to get it/how much did it cost? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions aha, I'm just very curious!!

Yes, the procedure was fine! It was over in about 2 hours and I felt no pain when I awoke. I went to a private hospital in Scotland to get it done, which ment I had to travel via boat before and after the surgery. I have to fly back to get the cast off too >~<.
It cost £4500, not including travel costs. ):

Anonymous: Oooooh I can't wait to see the results of your op! And thank you for being so honest about it, so many people still see it as a really taboo thing. :D

ahhh me either, I can’t see a thing because of the cast and swelling! Fingers crossed haha T_T
NP! I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of. :3